Oct 15, 2010

Park City!

Park City, View from Main Street

     So Thursday and Friday were Jeremy's fall break from school. He was so happy he didn't have to work. So we decided to do something fun. We booked a hotel in Park City and drove down there Wednesday night after he got out of class. The road mapquest told us to go down to to get to our hotel was closed, so we had to like take back roads and stuff, we need a gps, or just internet on our phones or something. So we drove around a bit looking for it and we finally found it, the only problem was, we got there and no one was at the front desk, so that was quite strange. It was only 7:15 at night, so its not like it was way late or anything. I mean the earliest they said you could check in at was 4pm... So I had to call some phone number, the guy on the phone gave me some code to get in their safe and get our room key out of. Crazy huh? What type of hotel does that?! So we got to our room and it was nice and clean which is always a plus right, but they gave us two double sized beds instead of one queen bed. Which made me super annoyed!! And there was no one to complain to since no one was working at the front desk. Plus the parking lot was super super dark by our building and there were all these trees by it, I totally felt like I was in a slasher movie. But we watched our cute little wedding video and a another movie and got some pizza and it all worked out. The next day we returned our key -- Still no one working there!! So while we had a great time and made the best of everything, and I am sure it could have been far worse, but I was still irritated that this hotel was so unprofessional.
Cute little bridge by chair lift

I love this girly bench. Also do you see Jeremy's reflection?

But anyways, we walked around Main Street in Park City after check out and got some yummy chocolates at Rocky Mt Chocolate Factory and took some cute pictures. Then we were going to see a movie, but there weren't any playing that we really wanted to see (what is it with there being no good movies out lately?) So we went to the outlet mall and bought some clothes. I wasn't finding a whole lot there clothes wise. So we just decided to go home. We went to Kohls and bought me some cute sweaters and stuff and so I was appeased. Then we got home and just relaxed, sleeping in a hotel makes you tired, I wake up a gagillion times during the night when I am not in my own bed so I came home and took a short nap. Later we got some yummy dinner and then watched our newest Netflix movie. Life is good.
The Lovely town of Park City, Utah
Haha we took one more last pic and some stupid truck decided to interrupt our kodak moment.

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Mitch and Linsey said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Mitch and I will have to do that sometime.