Nov 29, 2010

Here comes Winter

Here are some things that we did in the Fall that I was able to cross off my fall list. 
Game Night

Wheeler Farm

Photo Shoot by Sam Pierson

Fall time is over. I am sad, in Utah we barely get a fall, I swear it goes from Summer to Winter and leaves fall behind. Fall is one of my favorite seasons too, so I hate how we don't get it here. Winter is my least favorite time, I never seem to be warm and I honestly HATE the snow! I love Utah, but man that is one thing I hate about it. I already have like super anxiety any time I am in the car, especially when I am driving, so the snow only amplifies that anxiety like twenty times more. I tend to be a hermit in the winter. But anyway since fall is over I need to update my fall list and see what I did . I guess I finished about half of the list.

Go on a picnic in the park.
Visit Wheeler FarmHave a photo shoot of Jeremy and I at like a park or somewhere.
Host a game nightSee duckies one last time on the trail by our house.
Walk around Day Break Lake
Go to the coppermine
Go to Barnes and Noble and sit in one of their comfy chairs and read
Make one last trip to the mountains
Swing on swings
Finish my last player on Fable
Have a Mario Party Night
Have Pride and Prejudice day
Host a party
See Harry Potter 7
Have Harry Potter nightRead Pride and Prejudice

Well I still have some time to finish my Fable 2 last player, we get the new one for Christmas. And I did plan a Pride and Prejudice day, but I ended up having to cancel it, but I fully intend to have a wonderful day of watching all five hours of the A & E version with my Aunt Bonnie. And once I go to the library I will get the book as well to read. The party I am going to host is going to be a murder mystery party, so I am going to buy a box of the game and host a dinner murder mystery. I have been talking about doing one non-stop, I just don't know if anyone would want to do it... But it will happen soon.
So now that its Winter time for a new list.

Winter Wonderland Activities to do:

Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Go Sledding
Make Toffee
Learn to make Potstickers
Read Pride and Prejudice
Watch Pride and Prejudice
Build a snowman
Make a countdown to Christmas
Finish my scrapbook.

Pride and Prejudice - The Special Edition (A&E, 1996)

Also I won another give away in Blogland! I am on a lucky streak lately. But I won a cute wreath from

Nov 28, 2010


MMM.. I Iove Thanksgiving so much. Turkey is like the best thing ever. My family was also able to come down to visit from New Mexico. So it was great to see my family and eat large quantities of food. On Wednsday night we went to Cafe Rio with my family because they don't have that in New Mexico and my family misses it a lot. Then on Thanksgiving we went to my mother-in law's house for Thanksgiving lunch. We had the whole shebang, and it was super yummy, and then we had a few hours to rest our tummies and then we were off to my aunt's house with all my family for Thanksgiving dinner. Its tradition that we all play hide-and - seek a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner so that was fun! I am not a great hider though :( . On Friday it was my sister's birthday. She turned thirteen, I can't believe it, it was crazy! She now wants purses and makeup and jewelry, which is weird. Then yesterday, Saturday, we hung out with my parents, they took us to lunch and then we visited family with them and then went to Outback Steakhouse with them. My dad works there, so we eat free, and it is delicious. Then we played some games at one of my aunts. It was a great weekend. Last year I made a Thanksgiving dinner for just Jeremy and I the day after Thanksgiving. I haven't had time to yet, but I fully intend to do it this week. I love Thanksgiving leftovers and making turkey sandwiches and stuff, so I have to make a turkey and stuff. I had a lot of fun doing it last year as well.
Also I am way excited cause I follow this other blog called My Give Away Today and it gives something away to a person each day. Well I won on Wednsday so I get a fifty dollar gift card to buy vinyl lettering. Hooray!! Its a cool blog so you all should head on over there. Now I have to decide what to get, that is the hard part. I have a few crafty things that I am going to be making for Christmas so I will post those once they are done. AHH the L on my keyboard is going out or something, I have to push it really hard, I am way annoyed.

Nov 18, 2010



Yes it the time we have all been waiting for. The time when the last novel in the best book series ever written comes to the theaters!
Its time for some Harry Potter people!

Ahh don't you just love the great love story, HP and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, it makes me smile.

  The seventh book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  is undebatably the best book in the series. I am so glad they are making it into two parts, one would just not do it justice! I have been looking forward to this movie for so long. I am going to be so sad when it is all over and no more books or movies are going to be coming out. I wish Jeremy would read it so I could live/read vicariously through him. But alas, my joy may have to come from someday reading the books to my future kiddos, SIGH...
  But anyway the show premiers at 12 am on Friday 11/18, tomorrow. So alot of people will be gearing up to go to the midnight showing tonight/tomorrow morning. But I got tickets for tonight at 8 pm, before the crazed fans at the midnight showings. SUCKERS!!! My work gave me two seats in IMAX along with a twenty dollar gift card and a free popcorn pass. DOUBLE WHAMMY!! Sometimes my work can be a drag, but man they did not fail to impress this time. But anyway I am super super excited! I wish all the rest of you who are seeing it at midnight or sometime this weekend the best.

Nov 1, 2010


We had a blast this Halloween, I am a bit sad it is all over. But at the same time, I am super excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also Jeremy is super busy this semester, he has class every single day and works on top of that, so we both are not liking this semester, so we are looking forward to mid December when it will all be over, next semester he will only have classes three days a week so it will be a lot easier. But this Halloween was fun but we had some crazy mishaps with costume creating and baking! Well mostly me, but I vented to Jeremy so he was involved as well, haha. But anyway for some reason  I really wanted to be Pacman for Halloween, don't ask me why, I haven't ever been a big fan of the game... But for some reason my mind was set. So I was all, well I should be the cute little Pacman ghost, cause they are so super cute. I know you can buy costumes, but they are like forty to fifty bucks and I just don't like spending that much money on something that I can wear only one night, I mean I am the girl that bought her wedding dress (which was fabulous) for $100 bucks. I am cheap. So I thought I could make my ghost costume out of a pillow case. Silly me, pillow cases are not all that long... So the pillow case went to my waist and it looked totally stupid. So I scratched that idea. But I then had an epiphany and decided I would just be the whole game board. I just cut out paper and taped them to us, haha.  Here is how it turned out. I looked so cute Jeremy decided to be it too and totally copied me.

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman

So we went to my cousins' Halloween party on Friday night which was fun. We are supposed to bring a side or dessert for everone. So I wanted to make these really cute cookies that look like owls that I seen on another blog. They ended up looking super cute and were a bit of a pain to make so I was so excited when they turned out cute, but I tasted one and it had like no taste, it was like eating flour. Ick. I totally followed the recipe and everything... So I was irritated about that, I could not bring these tastless cookies to a party, so I was short on time so I thought I would make my mom's recipe of this super duper good popcorn with like marshmallows and stuff in it, but my hot air popper all of a sudden picked that moment to break and it started smoking and it was not good. So I ran to the grocery store and got some brownies. It was not a good couple of days for making things. But at the party everyone loved our costumes so that was a plus.
Tastless Owl Cookies

On Saturday I wanted to pass out candy to all the trick or treaters. In Utah everyone goes trick or treating on Saturday if Halloween lands on a Sunday. So I bought all this candy for them, cause there are a gagillion kids in our apartment complex... Ok, we got a grand total of two kids!! How lame is that. So I gave most of it to our primary kids the next day. But it was ok, on Saturday instead of passing out candy we watched a couple documentaries on Serial killers and then watched the fourth Harry Potter. I made a nice dinner and it was a fun Halloween night.
Jeremy ALWAYS blinks during pictures
See what I mean??!
Ahh the ghost is coming!!