Nov 18, 2010



Yes it the time we have all been waiting for. The time when the last novel in the best book series ever written comes to the theaters!
Its time for some Harry Potter people!

Ahh don't you just love the great love story, HP and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, it makes me smile.

  The seventh book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  is undebatably the best book in the series. I am so glad they are making it into two parts, one would just not do it justice! I have been looking forward to this movie for so long. I am going to be so sad when it is all over and no more books or movies are going to be coming out. I wish Jeremy would read it so I could live/read vicariously through him. But alas, my joy may have to come from someday reading the books to my future kiddos, SIGH...
  But anyway the show premiers at 12 am on Friday 11/18, tomorrow. So alot of people will be gearing up to go to the midnight showing tonight/tomorrow morning. But I got tickets for tonight at 8 pm, before the crazed fans at the midnight showings. SUCKERS!!! My work gave me two seats in IMAX along with a twenty dollar gift card and a free popcorn pass. DOUBLE WHAMMY!! Sometimes my work can be a drag, but man they did not fail to impress this time. But anyway I am super super excited! I wish all the rest of you who are seeing it at midnight or sometime this weekend the best.


These Are The Days said...

So how did you like it? My boys LOVED it.

Lovin-Life-Piersons said...

I freaking loved it, can't wait for part two!