Oct 14, 2011

Spider Wreath

I am so excited for Halloween! And even more excited for when we move in a few weeks and I can have everything decorated for Halloween. So right now everything is in my basement not really being seen by anyone, and half my halloween decor is boxed up somewhere, but it will be out soon enough. 

I had to make a wreath for my door that I soon will have, and I wanted it to be spooky and creepy, not cutsie. I saw this one on Pinterest and I fell in love. It was a snake wreath! Amber over at The Mcillece Spot is a genius I tell you. Don't you just love this wreath?

So I set out to make my own, I found a grape vine wreath, but sadly couldn't find any fake snakes. I was so bummed. I went to a few stores but couldn't find any (I swear I have seen them all over until right when I need them) so I gave up and found some cheap plastic spiders at the dollar store, I bought those, they were rings so I cut the ring part off and then spray painted them, cause they were orange for some reason. Who makes orange spiders?! Then I bought some webbing at the dollar store too. 
I just spray-painted the spiders and the the wreath with black krylon paint and then glued the spiders all over and then put on the webbing. It seriously took like ten minutes, plus the time for the paint to dry... Easy!

I was unsure at first how I liked it, the spiders kinda blended in with the wreath when you are far away, but then I kinda liked it more cause when you got close and saw it covered in spiders it was super duper creepy. At least to me cause I really really hate spiders. 
It actually isn't hanging up outside, my mother-in-law already has a fall wreath outside, so I just hung my wreath up for pictures, but it will be up soon when I have my own door. right now its hanging on my wall. 
I am trying to decide if I should add a bow to it, or if that will defeat the creepiness of it... 

Oct 5, 2011

Date Night with Waldo

I love dates with my hubby. I seriously like to go on one with him every Friday or Saturday night. We always have so much fun. But sometimes it can be a bit pricey. So last week I decided I needed to be more creative. I looked online forever for cheap date ideas, but I knew my hubby wouldn't go for a lot of them. They were all cheesy. But I finally found one that I thought he would like. It said to get some Where's Waldo or I-Spy books and look at them together. My husband loves Where's Waldo, he even had a game on his phone for it. So I figured I could pull that one off without it being too corny. So I planned  a picnic at the park for us. 
I went to the library and got a few I-Spy books and a big Waldo book and then went to the store to get a few fixins' for sandwiches. 

We went to this park that I found by our house, it has a super great view of the valley and is gorgeous. 
We ate some great decked out sandwiches that put Subway to shame and some cheetos and peaches. It was great. Then we settled in to look at our Waldo book for a while. We actually only got to find everything on one page, it took us forever to find all those guys, but we did find Waldo quickly. But by the time we found the dog and stuff it was getting dark. But it was soo much fun! 

Jeremy with his sandwich. 


The great view of small little Salt Lake City


Trying to find that stupid dog! We had to look up online to see where he was, it was ridiculous. 

Once it got dark we went nearby to Jamba Juice and each got a small smoothie since I had a gift card there. Then we watched our Netflix DVD that we had, RED, which was a pretty good show. It was an excellent night. And what a cheap date night! I think sometimes those are our best dates, the ones where we are creative and don't spend a ton of money!

Oct 3, 2011

My belly is getting huge!

So I feel like a blimp! I swear my cheeks have gotten chubbier along with my tummy, and I want this baby out of me! I want to see her cute chubby cheeks and not mine! But just a bit longer to go. I am now 31 weeks, so it is getting closer! 

I had a doctor's appointment last week and the nurse thought that the baby's heart beat was a little high so she hooked me up to this monitor thing to monitor the baby's heart beat for like 20 minutes or so. They turned it up so they could hear it out in the hall to make sure it wasn't irregular or anything, and the baby kept moving so much. She did not like having that thing strapped on my tummy that is for sure. You could hear every movement she made and all the nurses were shocked at how active she was. Finally after being hooked to the monitor for a while my doctor came back from the hospital (she had an emergency surgery or something there so she was late for my appt.) but she said the baby's heartbeat was totally fine and sent me home while telling me that I had one crazy baby cause she moved so much. Tell me about it, when is that baby not moving?

I also had a second ultrasound a few weeks ago and little Analiese was holding her cute little toes! It was adorable! 
I can't wait to meet my little girl. She is going to be so cute. I am making her wear dresses and tutus every day I tell you! 

Halloween Pennant

     I am so excited for Halloween. Except that I live in a basement so I can't really decorate at all, so that has been kind of a bummer. But we just found out we can move into the town-home that we are going to rent on Oct. 25th! I was so excited, I immediately went on Pinterest and looked for Halloween stuff. 
I didn't want anything too difficult or expensive since it basically will be seen for like six days. So I came across this super cute pennant banner at Organize and Decorate Everything
Here is her freakin' cute one!

It really was so easy. All you need is some card-stock. So it was way cheap to make. I had everything on hand already. I made mine a tiny bit different than the original. I didn't do the owl and I did a mummy instead of the ghost. 

Yeah mine is hanging over a door frame. Kinda ghetto. But as I said, I live in a basement and don't have a cute little mantle. When we move it is going to go in this window by the door along with my Jar-O'-Lanterns I made last year. It is going to be so cute, I can't wait. I will show you a picture of it when I move. 

Can I tell you how excited I am to move. My MIL has been so great to let us live with her for a few months, and the basement has been pretty great, but I am getting a little stir crazy. I need my own space. I have barely crafted like the whole 6 months we have been there cause I just have no motivation, I think, what the heck am I going to do with this once I finish it? It will just get ruined waiting to be hung up, so I haven't been able to create anything.  I am also like in crazy baby nesting phase but can't do anything, so I am having a hard time and getting anxious cause I haven't really prepared for the baby that well...  So Oct. 25th, you can't come fast enough!