Oct 5, 2011

Date Night with Waldo

I love dates with my hubby. I seriously like to go on one with him every Friday or Saturday night. We always have so much fun. But sometimes it can be a bit pricey. So last week I decided I needed to be more creative. I looked online forever for cheap date ideas, but I knew my hubby wouldn't go for a lot of them. They were all cheesy. But I finally found one that I thought he would like. It said to get some Where's Waldo or I-Spy books and look at them together. My husband loves Where's Waldo, he even had a game on his phone for it. So I figured I could pull that one off without it being too corny. So I planned  a picnic at the park for us. 
I went to the library and got a few I-Spy books and a big Waldo book and then went to the store to get a few fixins' for sandwiches. 

We went to this park that I found by our house, it has a super great view of the valley and is gorgeous. 
We ate some great decked out sandwiches that put Subway to shame and some cheetos and peaches. It was great. Then we settled in to look at our Waldo book for a while. We actually only got to find everything on one page, it took us forever to find all those guys, but we did find Waldo quickly. But by the time we found the dog and stuff it was getting dark. But it was soo much fun! 

Jeremy with his sandwich. 


The great view of small little Salt Lake City


Trying to find that stupid dog! We had to look up online to see where he was, it was ridiculous. 

Once it got dark we went nearby to Jamba Juice and each got a small smoothie since I had a gift card there. Then we watched our Netflix DVD that we had, RED, which was a pretty good show. It was an excellent night. And what a cheap date night! I think sometimes those are our best dates, the ones where we are creative and don't spend a ton of money!

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Ashley said...

So cute! :) I'll definitely keep that date in mind!! Hahaha those books drive me crazy sometimes!! :)