Oct 14, 2011

Spider Wreath

I am so excited for Halloween! And even more excited for when we move in a few weeks and I can have everything decorated for Halloween. So right now everything is in my basement not really being seen by anyone, and half my halloween decor is boxed up somewhere, but it will be out soon enough. 

I had to make a wreath for my door that I soon will have, and I wanted it to be spooky and creepy, not cutsie. I saw this one on Pinterest and I fell in love. It was a snake wreath! Amber over at The Mcillece Spot is a genius I tell you. Don't you just love this wreath?

So I set out to make my own, I found a grape vine wreath, but sadly couldn't find any fake snakes. I was so bummed. I went to a few stores but couldn't find any (I swear I have seen them all over until right when I need them) so I gave up and found some cheap plastic spiders at the dollar store, I bought those, they were rings so I cut the ring part off and then spray painted them, cause they were orange for some reason. Who makes orange spiders?! Then I bought some webbing at the dollar store too. 
I just spray-painted the spiders and the the wreath with black krylon paint and then glued the spiders all over and then put on the webbing. It seriously took like ten minutes, plus the time for the paint to dry... Easy!

I was unsure at first how I liked it, the spiders kinda blended in with the wreath when you are far away, but then I kinda liked it more cause when you got close and saw it covered in spiders it was super duper creepy. At least to me cause I really really hate spiders. 
It actually isn't hanging up outside, my mother-in-law already has a fall wreath outside, so I just hung my wreath up for pictures, but it will be up soon when I have my own door. right now its hanging on my wall. 
I am trying to decide if I should add a bow to it, or if that will defeat the creepiness of it... 

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Jenni said...

I like your spider web wreath, definitely perfect for the season! :) I hope you are having a great weekend!