Nov 1, 2010


We had a blast this Halloween, I am a bit sad it is all over. But at the same time, I am super excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also Jeremy is super busy this semester, he has class every single day and works on top of that, so we both are not liking this semester, so we are looking forward to mid December when it will all be over, next semester he will only have classes three days a week so it will be a lot easier. But this Halloween was fun but we had some crazy mishaps with costume creating and baking! Well mostly me, but I vented to Jeremy so he was involved as well, haha. But anyway for some reason  I really wanted to be Pacman for Halloween, don't ask me why, I haven't ever been a big fan of the game... But for some reason my mind was set. So I was all, well I should be the cute little Pacman ghost, cause they are so super cute. I know you can buy costumes, but they are like forty to fifty bucks and I just don't like spending that much money on something that I can wear only one night, I mean I am the girl that bought her wedding dress (which was fabulous) for $100 bucks. I am cheap. So I thought I could make my ghost costume out of a pillow case. Silly me, pillow cases are not all that long... So the pillow case went to my waist and it looked totally stupid. So I scratched that idea. But I then had an epiphany and decided I would just be the whole game board. I just cut out paper and taped them to us, haha.  Here is how it turned out. I looked so cute Jeremy decided to be it too and totally copied me.

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman

So we went to my cousins' Halloween party on Friday night which was fun. We are supposed to bring a side or dessert for everone. So I wanted to make these really cute cookies that look like owls that I seen on another blog. They ended up looking super cute and were a bit of a pain to make so I was so excited when they turned out cute, but I tasted one and it had like no taste, it was like eating flour. Ick. I totally followed the recipe and everything... So I was irritated about that, I could not bring these tastless cookies to a party, so I was short on time so I thought I would make my mom's recipe of this super duper good popcorn with like marshmallows and stuff in it, but my hot air popper all of a sudden picked that moment to break and it started smoking and it was not good. So I ran to the grocery store and got some brownies. It was not a good couple of days for making things. But at the party everyone loved our costumes so that was a plus.
Tastless Owl Cookies

On Saturday I wanted to pass out candy to all the trick or treaters. In Utah everyone goes trick or treating on Saturday if Halloween lands on a Sunday. So I bought all this candy for them, cause there are a gagillion kids in our apartment complex... Ok, we got a grand total of two kids!! How lame is that. So I gave most of it to our primary kids the next day. But it was ok, on Saturday instead of passing out candy we watched a couple documentaries on Serial killers and then watched the fourth Harry Potter. I made a nice dinner and it was a fun Halloween night.
Jeremy ALWAYS blinks during pictures
See what I mean??!
Ahh the ghost is coming!!

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Lori Smith said...

You guys are so creative!!!! Love it!!! I'm so glad you guys came to the party!!!