Oct 25, 2010

The Witches **Cackle Cackle**

Witches tea party!

So my lovely mother-in-law planned a girls night with all of us last Thursday. We went and seen the Gardner Village Witches. If you haven't been here you are totally missing out. Gardner Village has the cutest little shops, all of which are very expensive and I never buy anything at any of them, but they are fun to look at. But the best time of year to go there is Halloween time because they put up all these cute little witches all over the place and they are just so fun to look at. So that is what we did, we looked at the witches. My so me and my wonderful mother and sister in-laws went and got some dinner and then took the cutest pics by the witches, and of course ended our visit at the sweet shop, which makes yummy fudge and great chocolates. Mmm... My mouth is watering thinking about it. I also went to Witches night out with my Aunt and cousins on Saturday night, Gardner Village has a big party and you dress up as witches and they have a lot of fun activities and stuff for girls. But I didn't take any pics and I am waiting for some people to post them on Facebook, hopefully they do so soon. But it was a lot of fun! If they give me some pics of it I will post them too.
Witches sure know how to eat cake!! 

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These Are The Days said...

You have an amazing mother in law. I can't believe she's old enough to be a mother in law...way to young, hip and fun!! Wish I was there to do that with you all, sounds super fun.