Apr 12, 2011

Wahoo! 100 Followers. And an Announcement.

Thank you guys so much. I can't believe I have 100 followers. It is crazy. You guys are amazing, thank you for following. 

Now I know I haven't been posting as much and I said a couple weeks ago that I was sorry cause I had been busy with moving and stuff and I promised I would be posting more. 
Unfortunately I have not been posting more and I am so sorry. I am not done with this blog, and I do have some projects in mind that I am hoping to work on soon, but honestly I have been so tired lately. 
Cause two weeks ago (actually on the day that we were moving) I found out I am pregnant. 
Which was such awesome news and we couldn't be more happy. 
I am now 7 weeks pregnant, super tired and now in the throws of MORNING SICKNESS. 
I am on a diet of Fruit Loop, Otter pops, and whatever craving I am having at the moment, yesterday it was a hamburger, and today it is garlic bread (which I do not have, sorry baby)
So honestly I have had no motivation to craft, and cooking is not high on my priority list when I am bent over the toilet throwing up my grape juice. 
This is baby #1 so I am not quite used to my body feeling so insanely awful. But hopefully it passes soon, or my doctor gives me some medication soon! 

So I will continue with this blog, but I apologize if I cannot post as often. 
I appreciate you guys sticking by me. 

And I will keep you updated on our baby. 
This week it is the size of a blueberry. 

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