Jun 23, 2011

An Abundance of Wreaths

So lately I have been trying to go on a lot of walks lately. Cause mostly I just spend my days lying on our love sac taking a ton of naps (I love you naptime!) so I have to get some kind of exercise I guess... But right now we live in a super cute little neighborhood and everyone has a cute wreath on their door. They are all so different so I figured I should take some pictures of them and then maybe give everyone some ideas on some cute summer wreaths for your home. 
Ok, so I went out this week and took some pictures and man I felt like a real creeper taking pictures of people's doors. So I apologize if a few of them are a little blurry. I didn't want to linger any longer than I had to outside people's homes. 
But I hope these all give you some ideas. Some look homemade, and some are store bought, but you are all so crafty so I am sure if you wanted to you could make any of these. 
If you have a blog that has a tutorial on how to make any of these, or similar to them, shoot me an email and I will link your tutorial up under the picture. 

I love this one cause it is square! How often do you see square wreaths?

Love the hydrangeas in this one!

Ok, so not exactly a wreath, but come on, how easy! And festive. 

This looks like flowers and I had to get a little closer to see what it was, but it is actually made from like little pine things, like little pine pods or something, I don't know the word for it... 

This is made from paper, it looks like it was store bought, but HERE is my tutorial on how to make paper wreath flowers. 

One of my favorite, I love the cute summery pink color!

This one has apples, pears and limes in it. How fun and creative. 

So it took me forever to be able to do this project. My husband is doing like high speed summer classes and so I have barely seen him let alone the laptop the last month which makes posting a but hard. But someday this pretty little macbook will be all mine, no more sharing! 
I think I will do a post soon on wreath tutorials from other blogs soon too. Anyone interested in that? 

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