Jul 18, 2011


I am halfway through my pregnancy, Wahoo! Although it does seem like the halfway point should have been long ago. These last few months are like in slow motion. 
But today I finally get to see my baby. I have my ultrasound tonight at five (yeah I have to wait clear tonight for my husband to get home to go, its going to be a long day) but we get to find out what gender the baby is. I am so excited. I feel like it might be a boy. 
It is an incredibly active baby, I felt it move at 17 weeks and it hasn't stopped moving since, and it kicks the hardest when I am watching action movies, such as Thor. So all signs point to boy! But who knows, maybe its just a girl and it also thinks Thor is incredibly hot and thats why it kicks so hard... 
And the ring on the string over the belly thing pointed to a girl... so I am at a loss. 
But  I am excited to find out, and especially to see the little munchkin that has been living in me for the last five months. 

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