Aug 15, 2011

A is for...

Well I am now 24 weeks along. I feel really great, but feel ready for the baby to come and not to be pregnant anymore and I still have so long to go. 

But I have been making a lot of crafts for our little girl. I am so excited for her to come. 
I have most of our stuff for her too, a cradle, a play pen, carseat and stroller, changing table, crib bedding. I mainly just need a crib now, but we aren't getting that until she is closer to coming. 
I want her to like have everything pink! I am going to make such a girly girl out of her. 

So I went to the craft store, got some pink paint and a wooden A and painted it for her room. Her name is going to be Analiese Kayla Pierson. I got the name Analiese from Barbie Princess and the Pauper movie, it is a great show. And my wonderful husband liked the name luckily, of course he tells me to quit telling everyone its from a Barbie movie, but whatever. 

I just added a ribbon bow and sanded the edges a tad to give it dimension. 

Here is me at 24 weeks, I took the pic yesterday. 

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