Dec 14, 2011

Joy and BOO blocks

So right before Halloween my mom gave me these wood blocks that she made. She had to plan a Super Saturday event for our church, which is just a day where you go and make crafts and stuff, so my mom had to plan each craft that they were going to have available and buy all the material for everyone, and so she asked me for some ideas that were budget friendly and easy for people to do. So I went on Pinterest and gave her a whole big list of ideas for her to try out. She then picked her favorites and made the craft for samples and stuff. After the event she gave the stuff she made to me, cause she loves me I guess. 

She loved these wooden blocks that say JOY from Happy Scraps, These blocks are super easy, its just three wood blocks, she got the wood at Home Depot and asked them to cut it for her into different shapes, and then you just mod-podge some holiday paper on them and then some letters cut out from the cricut that say JOY! 

The awesome thing about this is that you can use them for two holidays if you put BOO on the opposite side. Now you have a super easy project that you get to put up twice a year, not just one time! 

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Becky said...

Super cute! I have similar blocks with the seasons on it (Summer, Winter etc.)