Dec 16, 2011

Candle Holders

Here is another project my mom made for her Super Saturday event along with the JOY blocks. I am so glad she gave them to me, I freaking love them! They are so easy to make, and can you believe they only cost a few dollars to make. You can find the tutorial over at Mark Montano's decor blog. It is super easy though, you just need some glass jars, twine or rubber bands, and some spray paint. Ribbon or fabric strips add a great accent to it. My mom found the glass jars at the dollar store. Then she used yarn and wrapped it around them and then spray painted it with white paint. She also added some extra flair to it by spraying it with some glitter spray paint too. 

{Tutorial for the Chalkboard Christmas Countdown HERE}

She then used two kinds of ribbon, a silver one and then a sheer kinda glittery one. Fabric scraps are used by Mark Montano which I also really love, its definitely cheaper. Then you just put little tealights in them and let them glow! I didn't feel like lighting the tea lights though, so that is why they aren't glowing, but you can see how they look with the tealights over HERE
I am totally loving them. 


Jessica Washburn said...

Cute stuff but I have to say the chalkboard stresses me out! Where is December going...too fast. :)

Vanessa@Lovin-Life said...

I know, I didn't update the countdown for a week after Analiese was born and then I updated it and somehow there were only 11 days til christmas, I have bought one present total! I am freaking out!