Jan 2, 2012

Tile Present

So when you have a baby it is really easy to make homemade gifts for your mom and mother-in law y. Grandma's eat pics of their one and only grand-baby up! 
So here is what I made them. 

It was super easy. I had my wonderful sister in-law come take some pics since she is a great photographer. I had to develop the pics in record time because we took the pics the week of Christmas. So I just slapped some mod-podge over the square foot tile, and then added some scrapbook paper, waited for that to dry, more mod-podge then added the picture and then more mod-podge over that to seal it. Then you just add a bit of glue gun to hold the ribbon in place. I bought the stands for the tile at Hobby Lobby for like three dollars. You could do whatever size of tile and pic you wanted, my aunt made some of her kids for their family on smaller square and rectangular tiles and they turned out super cute. Plus the dollar store usually sells smaller stands that you could use for smaller tiles too. 

My mom and mom-in-law loved them. Analiese is the only grandbaby on both sides for right now, so she is spoiled and loved by her grandmas.