Jan 3, 2012

A-Cakes- pictures and poop stories

Thats what her daddy calls her... A-Cakes. 

Here is my angel! We are having so much fun with her. She was the best Christmas present ever, even if she does have colic and keeps us up til around 3 in the morning every single night. The other night I went to bed at quarter to six, that is A.M. people! She also loves to play this game called, I am fast asleep and the moment you put me in my cradle I wake up and am wide awake! Yeah not so fun at 2 a.m.    But she is so smiley and loves to cuddle with us which makes up for the fact that in the last 3 days she has had 6 blow outs in her diaper. I also think she is going to start liking all her toys soon. She has been a bit too small to enjoy them, but the other day she batted at the rattle on her bouncer and her eyes got sooo big! It was the cutest thing I tell ya. 

So here are some pictures of my tiny little girl. 

Previous pics courtesy of Samantha Stephenson Photography

Daddy was tired. 

So as I mentioned in a previous post, we had my sister-in-law, Samantha come over and take some pictures of Analiese. I wanted some of her naked, and so Sam told me to take all her clothes off except her diaper a half hour before she came to take the pics so that there would be no lines or anything from the clothes on her skin. So we got all the props and stuff set up and I took off her diaper right before the picture was going to be taken and seriously it was off for two seconds when I hear this big fart noise and look down and there is poop all over me! My baby girl pooped all over my pants. It was lovely I tell ya. So I handed her off to her daddy to manage while I ran out to get the poop off of me, while I was gone she managed to poop even more on the carpet and a blanket, all in the short amount of time it took for daddy to grab the diaper and put it on her. We waited for her to stop pooping, I changed and then we got her all set up on her blankets and she looked so cute, when she decided to pee all over the blanket we had her propped up on, she did that twice during the naked pictures, and she was wide awake and crying the whole time too during them. So we gave up and I put the clothes on her that I had laid out for later photos and we took those pics. Samantha came over a few days later to re-take the naked pics at a time when Analiese was in a better mood. But this time I kept the diaper on, seeing her cute bottom in pictures was not worth the mess! 


Becky said...

That's sad she has colic! Poor baby. I hope you all are able to get more sleep.

Jessica Washburn said...

Yeah, you should look at the link on one of pinterest boards under photography. The professional gave all the tips to doing that kind of shoot, she does them within the first week of being born. She had all kinds of tricks, it was pretty interesting. Of course she could poop at that age too so...