Jan 23, 2012

Chevron Canvas

So awhile back I got this really super cute vinyl lettering at the mall for Analiese's room. I bought it when I was only like 20 something weeks prego and have been waiting forever to put it up. But when we moved into our town-home at the end of October I didn't want to put it on the wall, because we are renting the place and I didn't want to put up the vinyl and then have to take it down in a year or so and throw it away when we move, I wanted to be able to keep it. So I hunted around my house for something that I could put the vinyl on and I found this canvas that I had started an oil painting on and never finished. I painted over it with pink (it takes like five coats to cover up oil paint apparently!). But it was still missing something, so I decided it needed some chevron stripes. I had never done chevron stripes, but it looked easy enough. And it was easy, it freaking just took forever! Seriously I was marking lines for like an hour and a half! The painting the stripes part went by really fast after I used painting tape and stuff. 
The vinyl part also took a lot longer than anticipated. I have plenty of vinyl in my house, I am no amateur at putting it up. But this vinyl totally sucked! It would not come off the paper and transfer over. I was peeling transfer paper off the vinyl for a long time, but eventually it all came off and I think it turned out pretty well... And if you are looking to buy vinyl you should go HERE, I bought a ton of vinyl from them a while back and it is great and fairly priced. I know better now than to buy it at that stupid store in the mall! 

Right now it is sitting on Analiese's dresser. I just bought some stuff so it can hang on the wall, but I want my husband to move some furniture around in the room and then I will hang the canvas over the dresser. But he is taking too long to move stuff, and I am impatient, so I didn't want to wait. 

I have been meaning to do a post on the pinwheels I made, but I haven't gotten around to it, I will though... 
P.s. Don't you love my Belle snow globe. Its mine, but I am handing it down to my Analiese now. My daddy bought it for me, its so cute and intricate. Belle is my favorite princess, and hopefully Analiese will appreciate all the Belle stuff I am handing down to her. She currently has the snow globe, a barbie, a doll, another doll, and a blanket. You better believe she will be Belle for Halloween one year!

Isn't this super cute? My auntie made it for me! It looks like a pretty easy project, you just need some vinyl, paint and blocks. She also used some sparkly paint too over the solid paint color. I am totally loving it.


Ashley said...

That is SO cute!!!! :) I love the blocks!! You are so crafty!! I love it :)

Jessica Washburn said...

Love the canvas.