Jan 2, 2012

Party Meatballs

So I make these meatballs, and they are the best meatballs in the world! Everytime I make them someone asks for the recipe. I just gave my mom the recipe and she made them for a large gathering and all her neighbors asked for the recipe too. It seriously is so easy. It requires three ingredients: 

1 bag of the Costco meatballs
1 jar grape jelly
1 bottle of Heinz Chile Sauce 

Pour it all in your sauce pan or crockpot and cook until grape jelly is a liquid and meatballs are warmed through. 

I usually never make this recipe in such big quantities, so you can adjust it to make it smaller however you want. I honestly never measure or anything, I just add enough stuff to make it saucy and not dry. Just do more grape jelly than chile sauce and you will be fine. 

Sorry I made these the other day but forgot to take a picture... 

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Jessica Washburn said...

I used that same sauce on new years for the liitle weenies...smokies I guess they're called.