Mar 29, 2012

My Momma's Home

My family moved to New Mexico just over two years ago. I was sad cause we are super close, and now they are ten hours away, but I still see them a lot, like ever couple months, and it makes a nice place to go on a cheap vacation a couple times a year. 
The houses in New Mexico are all mostly adobe looking, which is different, but I think its cool. My mom did have a hard time at first with her house since she loved the one she moved out of here in Utah, but she has since decorated it really cute and I think it is looking fantastic. Here are some pics of it. 


I love the cute red chairs. And thats my brother's ukulele. 


I am so jealous of how huge her kitchen is! She also has a dining room table that is gorgeous but we had been scrap-booking on it and it was a little messy. She has double ovens, and even a desk in the kitchen too. 


Gotta love the pink electric guitar

Vinyl lettering on her wall. 

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