Mar 21, 2012

A New Mexican Siesta

So if your new here, my parents and my little sister live in New Mexico. They moved there two years ago  because of my dad's work. We still see my mom pretty often, she is always visiting here, like every couple months or so, but my dad can't get off that much time off from work, so we don't get to see him as often, which makes me sad. So my mom decided to fly me down to New Mexico so I could visit them. That is where I have been the last week. I of course took my A-Cakes with me because my dad wanted to see her, he hadn't seen her since Christmas and she has already grown so much since. 
It was a nice break though. I wish my hubby could have come, but he had to work. 
It was awesome having everyone entertain A-Cakes though, I even got a nap or two in. 
I forgot to take many pics though. It didn't help my camera was dead for half the trip.

Everyone loved spending time with A-Cakes. We took her to the zoo, bowling, the mall, and out to eat ALOT (which was super yummy). 

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Jessica Washburn said...

Glad you had fun with your family, sad we missed ya. See you in the summer! A-Cakes is a DOLL. :)