Sep 19, 2012

Amazing Fruit and Spinach Smoothie


So for the past couple years Jeremy and I have been making these fruit smoothies. We would make them late at night when we were in a snack-y mood but didn't want to eat something heavy. 
Lately I have been trying to eat healthier, and part of eating healthier was cutting out cereal in the morning, but I don't really like yogurt or eggs or most of the healthy breakfast stuff. So I decided to make up one of these smoothies, and I added some spinach and voila! Perfect breakfast shake! 

I am kinda weird and was skeptical of putting spinach in my delicious smoothie, I didn't want to be able to taste it because tasting spinach in the morning sounds disgusting. But you really can't taste it at all (just don't add huge amount of it). And this smoothie makes great baby food. A-Cakes gobbles it up every morning along with Jeremy and I. I mix hers with a little rice cereal to thicken it up so its a little bit cleaner to feed her. 
I do put fruit juice in it. When you are using frozen fruit in a blender, you have to have a liquid to help the blender chop it up a bit. I use 100% Juice only, and even though it is from concentrate, there is no added sugar.

Perfectly Pineapple Smoothies

1 cup frozen fruit- mixture of pineapple, mangos, strawberries and peaches
(Wal-Mart sells a big bag in the freezer section of this fruit mixture)
3/4 cup Dole Orange and Pineapple Juice 
(this is in the freezer section at Wal-Mart and most groceries, it is in the concentrate cans)
1 1/2 handfuls of spinach leaves

Add the frozen fruit in the blender, then add the spinach, then the juice. Blend until no chunks remain. You may have to stop and stir it a few times. Pour in a glass and enjoy! 

You can use this for breakfast or any snack during the day. And the great thing is that you can play around with this recipe, add some more berries, or more spinach. Greek yogurt would totally add some great protein to this, too bad I hate greek yogurt.
{The amount shown in the pics serves two and a baby}

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lexa pierson said...

yum!!! im gonna try it next time i go to the store i love spinach smoothies!!