Sep 13, 2012

Go Fight Win Cupcakes

I don't like football, in fact when football is on, I see that as my cue to take a Sunday nap. But my husband loves, loves football. He loves him some NFL.  So on the first game day for the NFL we skip church and go to his dad's house and watch a few games. Well I watched A-Cakes and browsed pinterest. To make the day more special I made these adorable football cupcakes. 

Were they hard, well they shouldn't have been. I am sure anyone else out there besides me would think they are easy. But I have serious problems with cupcakes. I really cannot make them work. I also think a big problem with this was that I need pastry bags. I bought pastry tip things to frost with, but silly me, I thought, I can just use a ziploc bag and cut a hole in the tip, well I kept bursting the stupid bag and all my frosting would come pouring out some hole. But the actual making the design was super easy. I just made a box of yellow cake (I only eat yellow and chocolate cakes, white is gross) and then bought some chocolate frosting. I frosted the cupcakes with a light layer of chocolate, and then I put more frosting on top of them with my frosting kit. Then I made some homemade white frosting and put that on top of the chocolate. 
I keep trying to make cupcakes and I am trying to learn to decorate them well, because A-Cake's birthday is in December and I really wanted to make Sesame Street cupcakes for her party. But after my last few experiences making cupcakes I don't think I will be making any Elmo cupcakes. I just cannot make cupcakes well for some reason... 
But anyway these football cupcakes turned out cute, and made a huge mess in my kitchen. 
So anyone else but me could easily make them, I am just doomed with cupcakes. 

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