Oct 29, 2012

2 X 4 Pumpkins

This is cheap craft, which I like. It was one of those I made at my Auntie's weekly crafty days. 
I didn't have to buy anything for it. They had everything, down to the wood and the paint ready for me. 

Here is what you need: 
2 X 4 Wood: Cut from biggest to smallest
Orange Paint
Sand Paper
Gel Stain 
3 Nails
Green Fabric or Ribbon

Paint your 2x4 wood. I didn't sand it down. I wanted it to look rustic-y, if you want it more cute-sy then you can sand it, but I hate sanding, it is the devil, so I won't sand if its not necessary. After paint has dried you can sand the edges, I did, for the rustic look. That easy sanding doesn't bother me a ton. Then  use your gel stain to make it rustic. Paint on the gel stain, then use a dry paper towel to rub it in, then get a wet paper towel and wipe off most of the stain. Let it dry. 
Get the nails and hammer one into each of the pumpkins at the top. Wrap a cut piece of fabric around the nail and tie a knot. Done! So easy. 
You could make it a little more different and add glitter paint, or make them jack-o-lanterns by painting black faces on them. 

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