Dec 3, 2010

I went a bit crazy...

 So I went to this warehouse scrapbooking sale yesterday and basically I went crazy! They had so many things, and most of them for like a dollar each. It was freaking awesome. But here is what I bought.
6 things of paper
28 spools of ribbon (most of which is in that white box on the left hand side)
3 pckgs buttons
10 pckgs brads
6 pckgs stickers and rub ons
1 chipboard character pckg
6 pads of ink
1 stamp
1 paper storage box.
= $70!
Yeah I went crazy!!
I bought it all for myself for Christmas. I dragged Jeremy along so he could say he bought them for me for Christmas. What a good sport!

And no, I am not advertising for them, I just had some people ask about it, so I thought I would include address in case you want cheap scrapbook stuff.

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Mitch and Linsey said...

that's so awesome!! :) good deal!
i can't see the picture though, where is it?