Dec 2, 2010

Scrapbooks and more chalkboards.

 I have been so short on scrapbooking supplies lately, but luckily (thanks to my sis in law) I am going to a big warehouse sale soon and getting a ton of stuff!! Hooray. But last night at Ross (I love that store) I found a cute scrapbooking album for cheap, so I put all my pics that I have been working on in it. And I must say my pages have been looking pretty good. Haha, yes I am bragging. I make Jeremy look at these with me like everyday poor guy.
These are all the pics my other sis in law Sam Pierson took, she is great! She took us to Wheeler Farm and took pics of my family and then some of just Jeremy and I.

Thats my pink xbox controller in the background, i don't know how to crop on my crappy computer.
So there is my bragging for the day. They aren't top notch but I don't like to spend a ton of money on scrapbooking stuff so I work with what I've got. Also, the pic makes my table look dusty, but its not. I dust it often!

Moving on, I also have been making chalkboards. I told you I didn't buy that can of paint for nothing.

Basically I just bought a frame at all a dollar, painted the glass with chalkboard paint (need 2-3 heavy coats) and then let it dry. Like I said in my last post you need to go over the chalkboard with chalk before you write anything on it, so just put that chalk on its side and roll it all over the board, this kind of like cultures it or something, I dunno, thats just what all the other blogs out thee that use chalkboard paint tell you to do. But I made a lot of these, I am giving them out as christmas presents. So chances are, if you know me, you will be getting one of these, sorry to ruin the surprise. I actually made these a while ago before I made my christmas countdown.

I made one for me to put outside our apt door. I thought it would be cute to have a little msg board out there. The frame was some really ugly gold color (not cute like the one above since I bought them at different times) so I just spraypainted it to be pink, cause I really like pink..
But anyway you can use them for a lot of things, after Christmas I am going to put one in my kitchen and make it a menu board. Basically you can put chalkboard paint on everything, I have seen it on cups, name tags, wood... Martha Stewart even shows how to make your own on her website. You just need sandless grout and paint and you can make it ANY color you want, how cool is that. You can paint your pantry door and write what groceries you need or recipes on it, or you can paint it on the bottom part of your wall for your kids to color on. I have even seen it on fridges, wow. Someday I am going to paint my pantry door with chalkboard paint, I think that is a cute idea, especially since you can make it a color to match your house.

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