Aug 28, 2011

Homemade Pizza Rolls

So those frozen pizza rolls always look amazing to me, but since they have cheese inside of them, I can't eat them... But I just found a recipe for homemade ones and I was intrigued because homemade means I can make them without cheese. And let me tell you, these were some of the best things I have ever eaten. They were sooo amazing!! I am seriously in love with this meal. 
I did make half of them with cheese for my husband so he could eat them too. 

They were super duper easy to make too. The hardest part is frying them in oil, cause I hate frying things, it freaks me out, but I dealt with it, and have made this twice in like a week and a half. 
So here is what you need. 
 1 pckg egg roll wraps
Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Sauce (I used two of the small Ragu Pizza Sauce Jars, one for the sauce inside the rolls, and one jar for dipping the rolls in)

So I didn't like measure it or anything, with this meal you don't really need to measure, its pretty easy to eye it. But if you want the full recipe and more detailed instructions over at Fantastical Sharing of Recipes, she explains it so well. She mixes everything in a bowl first and then fills it in the egg roll wraps, but I just kept everything separate cause it was easier to do since I didn't add cheese to my half. 

So first get your egg roll wraps

I laid a wrap out on my cutting board in a diamond shape and then put some Ragu pizza sauce on it, just like a spoonful of it. 

Then I piled on the pepperonis and the cheese on top of the sauce. 

I found the cutest little pepperonis, they are mini and fit so perfectly in the rolls, but if you don't have them you can just cut your pepperonis. 

Once you have everything in your wrap you bring up the bottom corner and fold the top under like it shows in the pic below. The instructions should also be on your egg roll wrap pckg on how to roll it 

Now bring the two sides over to the middle. 

Then bring the top part down, you will have a little corner like I have shown left, put some water on the corner with your fingers and then press it into the middle of the wrap.

Get some oil really hot in a pot, once oil is hot enough place the pizza rolls in there, let them fry until crispy and browned and then turn over and cook on the other side. 
Put on a paper towel when they are done to absorb oil. Serve with warmed pizza sauce to dip them in. 

So easy and seriously amazing to eat. Totally unhealthy for you, but soo worth it. And I am sure kids would love them! 

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