Nov 14, 2012

30 Weird Things about me

I have some quirks that I think are a little bit weird. Well, actually, I think they are perfectly normal, everyone else just thinks they are weird.

  • I dislike most white foods.  The exceptions are whipped cream and mashed potatoes.
  • I probably have worse vision than your grandmother. I am that blind! 
  • Dogs are not my friend. I actually pretty much hate them. I would much rather have a pet turtle.
  • Aqua is the greatest color. 
  • I am one of the few humans alive that actually likes Wal-Mart.  Hey it has everything there in that one store. I rarely have to go anywhere else. Sometimes I even buy my clothes there, yes, I am that person. 
  • I would usually rather have my husband bring me home a big chocolate shake with hamburger and fries than a bouquet of flowers. Hmmm.. Maybe this is why I need to lose 10 pounds?
  • In the past week I have broken 4 of our glasses. In our 3 years of marriage, we have had two ten packs of glasses, we are now down to 4 glasses. 
  • Driving freaks me the crap out!  Really it gives me anxiety, but I have been driving a lot more this past year, I have driven to the airport twice! But I still won't drive downtown. 
  • My usual time span for reading a book is one day. 

  • I played dolls until the 9th grade. I only stopped because some of the boys in my neighborhood saw me and made fun of me. 
  • I would seriously rather clean toilets than do laundry.   And I don't use a toilet brush, I just use a scrubber and my hands, no gloves. And wash my hands forever afterwards. Yes, I hate laundry that much. 
  • When I was a teenager my mom threatened to stop from reading instead of taking away my cell phone or grounding me. 
  • I am pretty cheap, I won't pay more than $15.00 for a shirt. and $15 is kind of expensive. I feel ripped off when I spend that much. 
  • I HATE cheese. 
  • When I eat pizza, I take off all the toppings and put them in a pile. Then I take off all the cheese (which my husband says looks like zombie skin) and then pile the toppings back on, and eat. 
  • I have to Clorox Cleanup my counter about 4 times a day. I have to know its clean! 
  • I don't have a favorite band, or singer. I usually only like one or two songs from an artist. 
  • Calling businesses scares me. I have gotten better at this, but it still makes my stomach do a flip flop. 
  • I don't care for fruity ice cream. Its a waste of calories. CHOCOLATE BABY! Other things that are not worth the calories: White cake, bavarian filled doughnuts, skittles, and starburst.
  • Its a good day if I shower before noon. 
  • I can't match colors to save my life
  • Another food thing I hate, Ketchup, it freaks me out. I won't eat it on anything but hot dogs and hamburgers, I won't eat it on fries, or meatloaf or anything of the kind. I think seeing the gross crusty stuff that gets on the lid skeeves me out. 
  • I have never broken a bone, the most injured I have ever been is slicing a huge cut open in my head when I was 3 at the swimming pool, while I was swimming. How does that even happen at a pool?
  • I don't know how to work ITunes. My husband does it for me, and he is excellent at it. 
  • I won't read a book or watch a movie unless I know it ends happy. I will either read the last page of the book, or read about the movie online to be sure. 
  • My husband and I met at our church during a lecture on how boys need to take girls on dates more.  Lecture worked I guess. 
  • When I was in Elementary I loved bugs. I brought a grasshopper to my 2nd grade class in a mason jar with holes in the top for about a week to take care of it. And in 3rd grade my friend and I looked for slugs around the playground and put them in our pencil box and played with them in class. I had about 13 snails and slugs.
  • Along the same insect line, I didn't always take care of the bugs. I also dissected the bugs. I won't go into detail, but it did involve taking legs off of spiders. Now if I see a Spider I freak out, I have to spray it with spider spray to kill it about  foot away. Spiders seem smart, they know what I used to do to their comrades. 
  • I pee my pants when I sneeze. Usually this problem happens after having a baby, but its always been a problem for me. 
  • When I was younger I played house with silverware and toothbrushes.


Becky said...

lol I love Walmart too! So many people freak out about it but there is nothing wrong with a store than carries about everything a person needs at good prices.

I love cheese!

JPIER said...

You're a real weirdo . . .