Feb 23, 2011

Framed Pom Pom Monogram

Here is my lovely craft project that I have been working on. I made a big P out of pom poms. 

Here is what I did, I used the Cricuit a while back when my aunt let me borrow hers to cut out a bunch of cute letters, I wasn't sure at the time what I would do with them, but I knew they would come in handy. 

Next I cut out a bunch of squares and glued them to the letters and the parentheses things (what are those things called, brackets??) I used the pom pom technique that I showed you in THIS post, but instead of using circles or flower shapes I just did squares, which is way faster. So I glued them to the letters, and then I had to kinda cut them down a bit too, so that they would kinda outline the shapes a bit more.
Then I had a silver frame that I bought from the dollar store that I had been meaning to use, I painted it black, which actually took a few coats, that silver frame did not want to be painted but it worked and then I put some scrapbook cardstock that I had inside the frame and then glued the letters to the glass. 

It was actually really easy, and didn't take too much time at all. I didn't like it at first when I just had the letters done, but once I got the paper in the frame and the frame painted it really all tied together and looked great. I am really liking it now. 
I also think it would be cute to just cut out the letters and put them on the cardstock in the frame, that could be cute too... I also think I might try making a P out of rosettes... 


Jamie said...

That is so adorable. I'm your newest follower. It would be great if you could stop by my blog Monday and add your project to The More The Merrier Link Party.


Kelly said...

So smart!! It LOOKS like it took forever!


Michelle said...

Adorable project! I will have to try this sometime! I am visiting from Giggles, Glitz and Glam and I am a new follower!
Have a great day!