Feb 9, 2011

Pom Pom Tutorial

Wanna learn how to make cute pom poms?? I am obsessed with pom poms right now, they are so much fun, and you can put them anywhere, you can use the pom pom technique for wreaths, hair clips, decorations to like frames, and cards and scrapbooks like I showed you the other day.

Step 1:
Get your fabric and then cut out a flower shape. It doesn't need to be perfect at all! You can also do circle shapes or square shapes, they all work. I like the flower shape the best cause it makes a lot of dimension in your pom pom, but honestly it takes longer to make. Cut out a gagillion (its a word...) of these shapes, probably around 12-15 depending on how big you want your pom pom to be.

Cut out a piece of felt in a circle. This piece is what you are going to make the base of your pom pom out of, you want it to be a little bit smaller than what you want the end result to be, the pom pom grows, and if you cut out a big circle of felt, you are going to have to make a huge huge pom pom. So go small!

Step 2:

Fold up your little flower or circle shape. So fold it in half once, and then fold it in half again, so it should look like this at the top:
And then have a point at the bottom. Put a little dot of glue at the bottom of the point and glue this to the center of your felt circle. Do this a million more times and eventually you will get your pom pom.
Sorry I didn't take any pics of a half done pom pom, I was doing this while I was working and kinda forgot...

Here is the pom pom! I love it.
Once you are done you will want to kinda poof it up so it all blends together, and you may even have to add a couple more of your flower shapes to it to fill in any gaps you wanted.

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