May 3, 2012

Our 3rd Anniversary- And Picture OVERLOAD

So its the hubby and I's third year of marriage. May 2nd was our anniversary, usually we spend a night at a bed and breakfast or something, but this year we have A-Cakes. She made it an even better anniversary, but since she is 5 months old, I didn't feel comfortable leaving her alone over night, cause mostly I would feel bad dumping her on someone for a whole night. When she is baby-sat, the phrase 'handful' doesn't quite cut it with her. She is great with me and her daddy, but the moment we leave I am told she freaks. The doctor said she is developmentally advanced for her age, so she is in the 'Stranger Danger' phase earlier than most babies. 

But even with her in tow, we wanted to do something we don't usually do, to make it more special. 
They built this new ball in downtown Salt Lake City, I am so out of the loop I seriously didn't even know it was being built until I read all the facebook posts about the grand opening. So we decided to go downtown and take a look around. We don't go downtown much, actually I think the last time we were there was like a year ago... We got some lunch at my favorite sandwich place, Kneaders, and walked around the new mall. It was pretty cool. It is an indoor/outdoor mall, and has this ceiling that opens and shuts depending on the weather. We walked around the Disney store, took a peak inside Tiffany's (I think its the only one in Utah...) and then got kinda bored of the place. Its super nice, but has a lot of high-end stores. I am cheap, anything over $10.00 for a shirt is usually out of my price range, okay I am a tight wad, stores like Ross have ruined me. 

{A-Cakes and I at Disney Store, the princess castle}

{She was so excited to be in a real castle!}

So after the mall we walked over to Temple Square, which was right across the street from the mall. 
We showed A-Cakes all the pretty flowers and the fountains and talked about Jesus to her. After this it was well past her nap-time and she was freaking sick of her stroller, so we headed home. 
{Beautiful fountain @ Temple Square}

{ugh she needed a nap, BAD}

The hubby was so awesome, he had planned a big fancy dinner at home, cooked by him. So while I put A-Cakes to bed for the night, he cooked dinner. 
And it was quite the fancy feast (no, not the catfood) 
Seriously he prepared a 5 course meal! 
He prepared everything by himself and wouldn't even let me step foot in the kitchen. 
When it was all prepared, he freaking served me! It was HEAVEN!
First he sat me at a candle-lit table with sparkling cider, homemade bread with olive oil and garlic dipping sauce. 

Then he gave me a menu! A menu! He even created a logo. 
Seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. 
I have an amazing husband I tell ya. 

Then he handed me a plate of homemade bruschetta (yes, I took a bite before I took the pic)

 {Me excitedly stuffing my face with plenty of good old carbs}

Then he brings out a plate of spaghetti, with homemade sauce (seriously, I don't think i have even made homemade sauce) And Italian Sausage! Just like they serve at my favorite restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory) It was A-MAZ-UH-ING! 
I think I will have him cook a lot more in the future.... 

And then I was served steamed veggies, to make it resemble a healthy meal. 

We had dessert later, after dinner was over, cause I was too full. We had brownies with ice cream and hot fudge. I forgot to take a picture though. 

We also got gifts for each-other. 

I bought Jeremy a snow cone machine, Lego Batman, and the Sims 3 for Xbox. 
Ugh he has been hard to buy for lately, usually he has a huge list of video games, but no new ones have come out. But I knew he wanted these two, and he just loves snow cones a ton. 

And he bought me a Singer Simple sewing machine. Yeah he spent way more on me! 
I totally got spoiled. I had been wanting a sewing machine (even though I don't know how to sew really) and was planning on waiting until my birthday this summer to buy myself one. 
Someone come teach me to sew awesome stuff. 

But it was a great day! I loved every minute of it, and I got totally spoiled. Probably my favorite anniversary, especially since we had my cute little A-Cakes to share it with this year. 
I am also going to do a post on the recipes the hubs used for dinner. 

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