May 27, 2012

My Favorite Baby Items

There are a few items that we have that I love! 
These things have saved me in keeping A-Cakes happy!

Baby Gym Floor Mat: We got this for A-Cakes for Christmas, but she didn't really play with it until she was around 3 months, and she has loved it ever since. We bought it at Walmart, and it came with the toys already. I think her being on it has helped her roll better because she reaches for the toys. She can spend up to 25-30 minutes with this thing! 

Medela Breast Pump: It is just a small manual pump that was like $30.00.  I don't work outside the home and so I just needed a manual one. It works super great if you want to pump a few times a week, even once a day or so. I pump every so often and store milk in the fridge or freezer, so if we go somewhere I can just give A-Cakes a bottle of the pumped milk! It can be a bit slow, so if you need to pump a lot, get an electric one. But it helps for outings.  (Also on that note, some babies don't take bottles, but I think if you start them at around 4 weeks they will take to a bottle better. It is early enough that they aren't too picky, but breastfeeding is well established by that time. )

Crinkle Book:  Who knew a $4 item could be so wonderful. A-Cakes loves this so so much. Its her favorite toy. Many melt downs have been stopped because of it. It makes the crinkley loud noise, and she loves it. I like the handle because I can hold the handle and she can bat at it without it falling on the floor. 

Hylands Teething Tablets: Thanks to my lovely friend I bought some of these for A-Cake's poor teething gums. They are all natural, and they are tablets and dissolve instantly in their mouth. She seems to like the taste too. You can just buy them at Walmart and they work really well. She is much happier once she has these. They do seem to make her a little constipated though, so if you try them and baby seems to have a problem, our pediatrician just said to give them a little bit of prune juice. 

Lanolin:  Totally kept my boobies in good shape with the whole nursing thing. No cracking or bleeding like I hear can happen from some people's horror stories. I haven't really needed it since like A-Cakes was a month old, but I occasionally use it if I get a little hurty. Did nursing hurt any of you guys? Some people said at first it kills, especially when the milk comes in, but it totally didn't for me. I honestly didn't feel that big of a difference. I only get a bit uncomfy when A-Cakes hasn't eaten in a while. 

My Baby Wish List: 

I probably won't get any of these items until the next baby comes. But these are the things I keep telling Jeremy I NEED for our next kid! 

Travel Swing: 

    We have a regular swing right now (we actually bought it at a garage sale, score!) but it is kinda bulky and a pain to bring to people's houses. And A-Cakes just sleeps so well in it, that a travel swing would be excellent to just pack up so she can go to sleep in and so all hell doesn't break loose when she gets tired outside of the house. If I had to do it over again, I would just have a travel swing, a bigger swing isn't needed, and the travel swings are a heck of a lot cheaper. 

Baby Step-N-Play

My cousin says she thinks this is what helped her kid walk earlier. And I just think it looks like it would keep baby entertained for a long time! 

Video Baby Monitor

I bought the cheapest monitor out there. But all monitors are not created equal. Mine sucks! It picks up the neighbors and we can hear them, and vice versa. And it makes kind of a buzzing noise too while its on, annoying. I don't even use it. I can just hear A-Cakes whenever she cries. But a video one would be way more awesome. I could make sure she is okay, because even when the monitor was on, I still check on her like a thousand times and make sure she is breathing, and hasn't rolled into some awkward position somehow preventing her from breathing. 

Things that are Just Plain CUTE!

Play-N-Crawl Ball: It moves a tiny bit, so baby has to make more of an effort to get it. I have seen A-Cakes try and get up on her little legs and crawl too it. Of course she is a bit young to crawl, but I think it is going to help her crawl. Plus it sings and tells them shapes and has a little lady bug that moves on top of it. I just think it is adorable.  
(also the blanket I took a lot of these pics on, its a big minky blanket that my aunt made for A-Cakes, I LOVE IT. Its so cute! All pink and stuff and I secretly use it for myself half of the time, its just the right size)

Pink Flower IKEA lights: My MIL bought these for A-Cakes for Christmas. They are too cute. They make the perfect nightlights, and they give off this super cute pink glow and her room is just this cute pink paradise all night. I just think they are cute! 

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag: I didn't buy this, my cousins all chipped on it for me for my shower (thanks guys). I don't think I could have justified buying a $100.00 diaper bag to Jeremy, but I love this thing. It is water resistant on the outside, it has this zipper thing in front that comes out to be a changing mat and lots of pockets. My favorite thing about it. It has straps to be a backpack too! Because you are just carrying like a thousand things sometimes and the backpack straps take the weight off your arms and distributes it evenly. Plus, it is just freakin' adorable. 

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