Aug 25, 2012

Bridal shower : FOOD!

{chocolate dipped Oreos}

So like I said in the post before I did the dessert table for my cousins' bridal shower today. I did all the food and all the decorations. You can see more about the decorations HERE.

So for the dessert I went with the theme 'chocolate dipped' which I am so glad I did, it was easy and they turned out so delightfully cute! 
I originally planned to go with POPS, like brownie pops and rice krispy pops and stuff like that, where you roll the brownies into balls and dip them in chocolate and put them on a stick. But I did a practice run 2 weeks before the shower and man oh man am I glad I did. They ended up looking like poop balls. They are way harder than they look. 
So I went for another theme that involved no baking. 

So these photos are all taken from my phone. Why can't I find that dang camera charger?
So I tried to make them look as good as possible. 

So for my chocolate dipped theme I used 1 1/2 package of chocolate candy coating and one package of white chocolate candy coating. Then I had three types of sprinkles and I used coconut on some of them too. I loved the coconut ones, I think those ones were my favorite.
To dip the stuff, I melted the candy coating on the stove on low {stirring constantly so it doesn't burn} then I poured all the candy coating into a mug, so that it would be deep to dip the stuff in. I did each chocolate at a time, so I did everything that required white chocolate first and then did all the milk chocolate second. I also did everything the night before so I wasn't crazy rushed the day of the shower.

So I used about a package and a half of pretzel rods total. I would dip them, and then put them on wax paper  and then I sprinkled the stuff over them. I tried rolling them in the sprinkles and that didn't work. The chocolate dripped off. So sprinkling it over worked best for me. 

I used red sprinkles on the white chocolate a lot since it went with my red theme. But I wouldn't suggest using those sugar crystal sprinkles on the milk chocolate, it doesn't show up and looks like crap on a stick. 

These were the hit of the party. I knew if I was doing a chocolate dipped theme I had to do strawberries. I should have done more. I did two containers of strawberries, which was about 30 berries or so. I washed them, and then dried them, then dipped them, and I only used milk chocolate. Unlike the rest of the stuff, I did these the day of the party. I have seen them the second day, they look all weird and aren't as good. 

I think these oreos were my favorites. They just looked the cutest. I still did half white chocolate and half milk chocolate. The big confetti sprinkles looked adorable on them. I am eating the few leftovers of these right now. Mmmm.... 
Oh and I used two packages of generic oreos. 

I honestly don't like rice krispy treats that much, unless they have chocolate. These were the only homemade thing I did. I dipped half of them in white chocolate. And then when it came time to do the milk chocolate, I was running low on milk chocolate, I had another package, but it was late and I didn't want to melt anymore, so I just was lazy and drizzled it over them. I made them the night before and they were still really soft the day of. I put a piece of bread in with them, and it somehow really does help to keep them soft. It works on cookies and stuff too. The bread gets hard but nothing else does. 

So it was a really easy dessert theme, if I had baked everything, it may have been cheaper, but way more work. and I just liked getting to put sprinkles on everything. I don't get to use sprinkles enough. 

In case you were wondering, we had a meal for the guests too. Soup and Salad. I brought tortilla soup. Which I will post the recipe on here soon, because it is delicous. And then one of my aunts brought Cheesy broccoli potato soup and my other one made chicken noodle soup. Then my other aunt brought two salads.  (pasta one and spinach one) I should have taken a picture. 
We played some games opened some presents and then skyped with my mama who lives in New Mexico and was so sad she couldn't be there. We missed ya mom!

But it all turned out FANTASTICLY SUPERB. 
Now I can't wait to get started on A-Cakes one year old party in December! Sesame Street here we come. 

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