Aug 9, 2012

Food Tracker

So I wanted to track my food that I eat on a daily basis to see how many calories and stuff I am eating and to just make me more accountable on the way I eat. 
I think my Sister-in-law told me about this website a while ago, and I just remembered about it. 
I started using it this past week and I think it is totally sweet. 
Its by those people who make the food pyramid they teach you about in school. The website is called Choose My Plate and the food tracker is called the 'Super Tracker' and it is completely free! 

So basically what it does, is it has you enter in everything you ate that day and then it tells you approx. how many calories that was and what food groups it goes into. It also lets you set goals to lose weight and then gives you how many calories a day you should eat to get to that weight and how many of those calories can be 'empty calories' that don't have much nutritional value. It told me I can have 2400 calories a day, but that is with me breastfeeding full time. I actually haven't even come close to that, and I even had pizza and cookies yesterday (I did fill up my empty calories which is 300 eating those items though). I don't worry as much about trying to fill up each food group category. Do you know how many vegetables you have to eat? It is an insane amount. I even have like carrot sticks and spinach almost every day and it still is only like half the chart. I do usually fill up my fruit intake though. But I don't eat dairy products so I pretty much will never even get close to that bar.

 But it is cool to see how much you are eating. It has a ton of options so, you can say you ate 3 strawberries or 1 cup of strawberries and if they are cooked and if they had sugar on them and so on, and then see the nutritional value of that. It even has some store bought products that you can enter in too. Homemade meals I enter in individually each ingredient, which can be a pain, but you can save those meals so it remembers it and you don't have to do it every time, you just click on that meal.

It also has a tracker for your exercise, you can even add cleaning to your daily exercise, which makes me feel better. 
The site has you make goals and stuff like some of mine are not going over my daily empty calories and to exercise at least 150 min. a week. 
I really like it because I like to make lists and cross things off, it makes me more productive, so this is kind of a version of a list for me. 
But it makes me more accountable in what I eat because I eat a cookie and then I have to enter it into the site. I guess that doesn't work for everyone, but it definitely helps me! So if you think it would help you, you should totally give it a try. 

All opinions in this post are 100% mine and I was not compensated in anyway for promoting this. 

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Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Hi Vanessa, hope you are well. I use not daily for calories unless I need to check myself, but I track weight on it. Xo, Jess