Aug 25, 2012

Family Bridal Shower decor

My cute cousin is getting married next month so my aunts and I threw her a bridal shower today. 
I was asked to bring a dessert. And I guess I went a little overboard and made a bunch of desserts, and then decorations. And I just decided to make a dessert table. And it looked FABULOUS!! I seriously am so freaking stoked about how cute it looked. Unfortunately my camera is dead, and I can't find the charger anywhere, seriously I think I am going to have to find a new charger online cause I am dying without it. So these are all pictures from my phone. So it doesn't even show the fabulous-ness of what I did. 
So this post will show all the decor, and HERE is the one on the desserts

My cousin's wedding colors are plum, cream and black. Which are totally gorgeous colors and I love them so much together. But I had a hard time finding plum cheap decor. So I went with red stuff. I have a ton of red stuff, so it was pretty easy for me. 
I made a red table runner from my leftover red burlap from my previous table runner I made. I thought about just using the one that was already made, but I love it so much and I didn't want mine to get dirty. So I just got my burlap and sewed the edges, easy peasy.  This picture I took at my house, the shower was at my aunt's, but I set up the stuff at my house the day before to see how it all looked. {The pic at the top of the page is the pic I took with everything set up, but you can't see the pom poms}
My auntie made me the magnet board for Christmas a few years ago, I put her shower invite on it, a couple cute quotes on marriage, and then some pics of my cousin and her fiance on it. I made the rosette wreath a year or so ago, so that was nice to have already made. The smile sign was also something I had on hand. The flowers I just put on wood dowels and you can find out how to make them HERE, they are made from tissue paper. I wish I had a close up on them and a tutorial for you, but I didn't want to do that with my phone camera... 

I made 5 pom poms out of tissue paper, they are easy, just time consuming and make a bit of a mess. They are pretty much the same as making the flowers above, and you can find how to make them HERE. I hung them from the ceiling with push pins and red string, except in the pic, I should have spaced them out more, which I did for the real shower. I used 3 packages of tissue paper for these, that includes the red flowers. The big ones took a package each, the smaller ones and the flowers were one package total. 

This picture is at my house again, on set up day. I love how it all looks with my blue table. So country shabby chic, and it all matched with my kitchen stuff too. I didn't want to take it down.  The plates I got at Dollar Tree. They were a dollar each, and I loved them because I will reuse them a ton, I put red napkins on them once I set out the food. I made the banner out of material I already had and quickly sewed it. It was even easier to make than the tissue pom poms I thought. You can find a tutorial HERE for it. I just cut out red triangles and sewed them to the tan fabric. 
The decorations really made the treat table look AMAZING! I got a ton of compliments on it. 
Since I had a lot of the stuff on hand I spent $11.00 total on all the decorations. 

Tissue paper-- 3 packs at $1.00 ea = $3.00
Red Napkins-- 2 packs @ $1.00 ea= $2.00
White Plates-- 6 plates @ $1.00 ea = $6.00
So I spent the most on the white plates that I used to display the food. And I those I plan on reusing a lot. So this is easily done on a budget. 
I did spend way more on the food, but you can def. do whatever food you like for cheaper, or delegate food tasks out too. I recommend just going with whatever color you have a lot of stuff with, so then you don't have to buy as much. And let me tell ya, dollar tree rocks my socks! 

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