Mar 10, 2011

Red Rosette Wreath

 This week I made this awesome rosette Wreath. I am loving it. It was really easy to make too, it definitely took less time than the book page wreath as well. 

To make it you make a lot of rosettes about the size of my fist, to learn how to make the rosettes go to my tutorial that I showed you the other day Here. I then hot glued them onto a  medium sized cross stitching circle hoop. 
This is what it looked like. They fit perfectly actually. Then I made more rosettes and then glued them on top of the other rosettes. I did it so the top ones overlapped in the middle of the first row of the rosettes. 
There was a small gap in the wreath that was too small for another rosette so that is where I put the bow!
I have been totally obsessed with red lately. This is going to go in my kitchen. I have yet to find a spot for it though... I have too many decorations!! I need a bigger place. 

I actually did not have ribbon, so I just cut up some black fabric for the picture. I did it as a temporary fix until I could go to the store, but the fabric actually makes for a pretty cute bow, I think I might keep it on there.. 
It was way easy, rosettes are a piece of cake. And if you make them bigger they take up more room so you can do less. But every time I make rosettes I get major glue gun burns. I got a nasty blister from this baby! My finger was ouchy! 


Lauren said...

I love the flowers you made. How did you make them?

B.Large said...

So cute!! thanks for linking up wiht GGG! Check me out I'm your newest follower and would love you to be mine!
Thanks a bunch!