Mar 11, 2011

Oh so thats what the sun looks like!

The sun is shining, shining brightly!!! I am so happy, I had forgotten what that thing looked like. It has been trading off between rain and snow here, and yesterday and today it is finally starting to look like spring.
You see, here in Utah, we get a ton of snow. I read an article on Yahoo the other day that said that Utah gets the third highest snowfall in the U.S. Colorado was the first and we were only an inch behind them. So we get a ton of snow!! Like a ton, it is not even funny cause I hate snow, really I hate that stuff. But we get all that snow and I have lived here my whole life, but I have never once got a snow day. How ridiculous is that?! Not one snow day ever! My family moved to New Mexico last year and already my little brother and sister have gotten about a week and a half worth of snow days because of an inch of snow, and one of them was due to wind chills. What the heck??! Wind chills? What is that? Totally not fair. We have feet of snow here and never once have they cancelled my school or work because of it.
My husband says it is because we get so much snow here that we are prepared for it, we have more snow plows and put ice down, so that is why they don't cancel anything here. But I think its just cause they want to be mean!

But anyway, we finally have sun shine here and I am loving it. I am sure we will get a few more feet of snow before it becomes summer, because we dont have spring here. We have Winter, Summer, a week of fall, and then back to winter.
But I love this state, it is my home state and I never want to leave it.
Well actually I could move to Southern Utah where it never snows, but no one lives there its just one National Park after the other...

Thank you for listening to me ramble and complain about snow...
I am sure in a few months I will complain about how hot it is here, Utah is a desert after all.

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