Mar 19, 2011

Almost Home Again

Not to worry, I am alive.

Well my vacation is almost over. I have about an hour left of it. Then I need to go to sleep and then wake up tomorrow, and we drive ten hours home. Then back to work on Monday. I don't want it to end. I love vacations.
Sorry I have been missing in action this week, I have been so busy visiting with my family and seeing the sites here in New Mexico. Not to mention eating my weight at all these restaurants my parents keep taking us.

Here are some glimpses into my vacation.
I will add more pictures next week to show you more of New Mexico.

{Bandalier National Park}

{My Family, my hubs was taking the picture}

{Me and Jeremy @ Tent Rock state park}
Well I hope you are all awesome. Wish me a safe drive tomorrow back to this state:

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These Are The Days said...

Sounds totally fun. I hate when vacations have to come to an end too! At least, 'going back to work' for you means staying home in your pj's. :)