Mar 7, 2011

Rosette Tutorial

So... Here is how to make perfec little rosettes for whatever crafty project you are doing.

I love making rosettes, they are super easy to make and really hard to mess up, you can make them messy or really perfect and not really messy . The tutorial is to make them really round, I will do a future rosette tutorial to show you how to mix it up a bit.

First you need some fabric, i like mine to be a bit frayed so if you want that, get a cheap cotton. Cut it as long and as thick as you want. The longer and thicker the fabric strip, the bigger your rosette will be.

Then I cut a square of the fabric out. I use this as my base. I build the rosette around this little square. I just use a little square to start out with, but if you are just beginning then it might be easier if you cut a big square out.

Now take your strip of fabric and fold it a bit at the tip, then start to twist and twist and then twist it around the tip of the fabric like you see in the picture above. Then take your square base and glue it to the back of the rosette tip. Then start twising around in a circle more. For a less messy rosette twist all in one direction. Keep twisting and glueing it all together as you go with your glue gun. Try and get the glue to be closer to the bottom of the rosette side so you can't see it when you are done.

When you are near the end you are going to have a tiny piece that is left over, simply tuck it under the rosette and glue it there.

Later on this week I will show you what I am doing with this rosette and the twenty others I made just like it!!


Misty Marie said...

Love your blog! found ya on the linky from not just a house wife!

Amanda M. said...

I LOVE your blog! Thank you for leaving me such a sweet comment on my blog!

Lauren said...

LOL! After I left the comment noticed that you had the tutorial. So happy to see you put it up.

arg said...

Great - and easy - method! I love no sew flowers! :)

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!