Mar 26, 2011


I am so sorry I have neglected all of you the last couple weeks.
Last week as you know, I was on vacation.
But we got back on sunday and found out that we were moving Saturday (yes, TODAY!!)

We are moving in with my mother in law, she just bought a really cute new house and offered us her basement to live in for a few months while we save for a house. Cause let me tell you, paying for rent and college tuition (without taking out student loans) does not leave much room for saving for a new home. So she found out she got the house on Sunday, closed on Monday and we have been packing like crazy and moving stuff little by little ever since. Today we have most of our stuff over at the new place, so we are moving the last odds and ends things and all our big stuff that wouldn't in our car.
We live on the top floor though, and I have been carrying stuff up and down those things all day, and I am sooo glad we are moving, cause I hate those stairs, they are Satan's stairs. But I swear climing those things the last week has really strenthened my thighs (maybe/ hopefully?!)

So we will live there for about five or six months while we save up for a house and then find a cute little town home to live in.

But anyway, I have not had a minute to think straight this week, so I am so sorry that I haven't posted. I try to post at least three times a week, but I have not even come close to that the last couple. Also we will be without internet at the new house for a week, so next week you may not really see me either.
But after that I swear I will be back on schedule!!

Thanks for bearing with me.

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