Mar 1, 2011

I would rather...


Right now I am working with a little phone headset strapped onto my head.
I just called a customer whose response to my asking if he was there was 'Wow! what a voice you have!'
When I replied that I wasn't sure if that was good or bad, he said it was good and that I had a 'Unique' voice. I think that was his way of saying I sound like a seven year old. (My voice is super high...  : P    )
And I have a glue gun burn the size of Mt. Everest on my knuckle that is all blistery, EWWW!!

I wish i was was still in eating my weight in this:
{Cookie Dough}
{And no, I will not get Sallomenella if I eat it. }
And watching this show:
{24 Season 3}

I am on the 21st hour!! I am going insane here not watching it. And I have to wait until the husband comes home from school and I get off work to watch it. I am dying!!!

And I want to do this in bed in my pajamas all day with no bra and no doing of the dishes or laundry...
If only...

What would you rather be doing??


April said...

Absolutely nothing! I put the kids to bed an hour ago, and I have been sitting in my living room alone,enjoying the quiet, blog hopping, and drinking a beer! yep that's right on a tuesday night! hope you have moved on to better 24!

Sam Pierson said...

that cookie dough looked soooo good!