Sep 20, 2010

Cafe Rio and Two Fires

Last week was a lot of fun. On Thursday night I made homemade Cafe Rio burritos. If you haven't been to Cafe Rio, go now! Its food from heaven I swear. They seriously have the best salads and sweet barbacoa pork ever. I also like their shredded beef burritos, Jeremy thinks I am a wierdo cause I don't get their pork every time, so I guess I am crazy cause I like to mix it up a little. But really their pork burritos are super good. So I gave Jeremy a night where he could choose ANY meal he wanted me to make and he chose Cafe Rio style pork burritos. So I had a few recipes in my awesome cook book that my mother-in law gave me for Christmas, but they all called for these adobo chiles things that Walmart just did not have (no surprise there, walmat is not known for selection, but hey, its cheap) so I got online and got another recipe and it was sooo good. So you must try them, here is the link for the recipe for the pork and the rice, although I added a bit more lime juice than the recipe called for and got great reviews from Jeremy. But this recipe was really super close to Cafe Rio and it was delicous. I also made homemade Pico De Gallo to put on top of the burritos, which really put it ove the top.

So then on Friday night we went up to the canyon and roasted smores over a fire with some friends until some large animal started making alot of noise in the bushes and freaked all of us girls out so we left after an hour and then went and got snow cones, courtesey of one of our lovely friends.

On Sunday is when the real excitement happened. So we were watching the Colts/Giants game (me only half watching, ick) and all of a sudden the game is interrupted by breaking news. The news caster said there was a huge fire that started at Camp Williams and has spread across the mountain and they are evacuating homes in Herriman. Well Jeremy and I jumped up and ran to the window, cause Camp Williams is like five minutes away from our apt and Herriman is our neighboring town... So anyway we went to the window and sure enough, huge flames are about two miles away from us. We didn't even know, apparently it had been going on since 3:30 in the afternoon!! The flames were pretty big and the whole mountain was on fire, we could see ambulances and fire trucks and stuff in the distance, it was crazy! We thought we might be evacuated too, so I made a small pile of important things to take, just in case the police pounded on our door at three in the morning and told us to leave. Oddly enough it was so close, but it didnt smell like smoke at all, even when we walked outside. People alot farther away from the fire than us were smelling smoke, but not us... I guess the wind was blowing it in the opposite direction, I still thought we would smell something... Luckily we didn't have to evacuate, the wind blew the fire in the other direction, so the poor town of Herriman had to evacuate, but not our town. But it was freaky. I guess like six homes burned, but the fire dept did a good job at making it stay away from most houses. But once the wind stopped, the fire died down and it was mostly out by the time I woke up this morning. But it was a crazy night!! The pictures make it look alot further away than what it was, buy you can see how big the flames were. But our camera is not the best... But it looked like lava was coming down the mountain. I thought I was in Dante's Peak or something.

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The Jackson Family said...

I am going to try that recipe! Thanks Ness! :)
Yes, that fire was so scary. I woke up this morning and my entire house smelled like smoke still... Were behind the fire so I thought that was weird.. it smelled strongly outside too! I'm glad nobody was hurt though and glad you didn't have to get evacuated!