Sep 4, 2010

Tiny kitchens and Cooking the Orient Way.

Thursday night Jeremy and I made Chinese food, and it was YUMMY!!

Jeremy made fried rice. I don't know why but he is so much better at making rice than I am. I mean sure I can make it in my rice cooker, but anything more complex than that is just my funeral. I can barley make those dang Rice-A-Roni packages! So I made the rice in my rice cooker and let Jeremy take over from there since he is the fried rice expert apparently. Also I can't make fried rice cause you have to scramble eggs with it, and since I don't care for eggs all that much I haven't ever learned to scramble eggs. But oh my gosh his fried rice was the best he has ever made it. AMAZING!!! We gobbled that stuff up like there was no tomorrow. 

While Jeremy was showing off his mad skills in the rice department, I was making Mandarin chicken. Basically I just cooked up some chicken and veggies and then poured the mandarin sauce over it. So I guess I kinda cheated, it was just the Panda Express Mandarin sauce, so it tasted a lot like theirs. Weirdly enough the left overs of this tasted even better than when it was fresh the day before. I think cause it had been like soaking in the sauce all night and was all flavorful the next day. 

I also made chowmein noodles. I got the recipe online but ho mein nestly it was only average, I won't ever make it again. There is a shockingly small number of chow recipes on the web. I don't know what this world is coming to. But really, online community, I was very disappointed in all of you for not giving me a quality recipe. Especially you Panda Express, why can't I get a descent copy cat recipe of your chow mien, Jeremy loves it ever so much!!

We ended our night with some brownies that I had made a few hours earlier, cause I am a sucker for the chocolate.

So overall it was a delicious night. We barely had enough for leftovers the next night. 

By the way, did you notice the size of my kitchen. It is sooo TINY! Its amazing that I can barely cook anything at all in that thing. I mean with the two of us cooking in there I can barely move. It is just so sad. I want a big counter to bake cookies and lay out my big giant cutting board on, really, I have an extra large cutting board and it really doesn't even fit on my counter top. Its so ridiculous. Someone donate me your big kitchen and I'll bake for you.


These Are The Days said...

Looks yummy, I need to get me an electric cooker like that, we always used one growing up, my kitchen is seriously lacking a lot of stuff. Love all your pics, Jeremy's a natural!

Lovin-Life-Piersons said...

Yeah I love my electric cooker, the stove is too small for all the stuff I need to cook at once!! Haha Jeremy is totally a natural, although anything with eggs in it he can usually cook. But apparently when he bakes desserts with me I treat him like he is five, its probably true... :)