Sep 20, 2010

A Hue of Blue

Ok so anyone who has talked to me in the last week knows I am totally obsessed with The Color Code by Taylor Hartman. I know, how ten years ago, right. I mean I had taken the color test in junior high and high school, but it never really told at me about myself, it was always just told me what career was most compatable with me, LAME! So anyway for some reason my wonderful mom got on this huge color test kick, I guess someone told her about the book and she had never heard of it, so she took the test and determined she was the color blue. Which I had always known I was as well. She began telling me some things about the blue personality, and oh my gosh it was so me. So I had to know more, so I got the book at the library, retested myself just to be sure, and I was most definately still blue. This book was like the story of my life. I was laughing so hard because of how well this book described me. The blue personalities are worriers, and I worry about Everything! Also it said that we are guilt prone, perfectionists, self-righteous and judgemental of others and controlling. I know what you are thinking, you totally want me as your friend now after reading that. Haha, well there are some good things about blues we are super nurturing, and responsible, and way loyal. And that was me. This book just like knew me. I mean we all have imperfections, and I am sure that being a blue, I worry about them more than the rest of you people of other colors, but I was so happy when this book like told me that I was normal. I also made Jeremy take the test and he was white, no surprise there. The book has a section that describes relationships between each color. It was hysterical what it said about mine and Jeremy's relationship. It was so dead on. It said that for blues the most important thing in their life is 'togetherness' so blues will plan activities to do together. Everything in a blue's life focuses around 'togetherness' and whites are content to be by themselves and stuff and do activities alone. So when blue's plan togetherness activities, the whites go along with it to keep the peace cause they are the peacemakers and they dont want to make the scary blues angry! It was so funny cause that is so Jeremy and I. I am always like, 'Hey, lets do something together tonight,' and wonderful Jeremy just goes with the flow so I don't get mad. So basically I think everyone needs to read this book so they know that they are normal. And so they see their flaws and can work on them. Like maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental... maybe... But anyway, go buy/checkout the book and let me know what color you are.

'Reds and blues spend their whole lives trying to control people,
Yellows and Whites spend their lives refusing to be controlled.' 

Color overview:

Red: Power Hungry, Productive, self-critical, wonderful leaders, insensetive, goal setters, organizers,
     Responsible, competetive, excellent decision maker.

Blue: Emotional, judgemental and self-righteous, guilt prone, responsible, perfectionistic, loyal, highly demanding, nurturing, passionate, loving, dedicated, sincire, analyitcal.

White: Peacemaker, non-confronational, patient, tolerant, unmotivated and lazy, sometimes boring, unproductive, insecure, gentle, adaptable, withholds feelings.

Yellow: Happy, fun, self-centered, irresponsible, enthusiastic, care free, uncommitted, superficial, exciting and playful, disorganized, superficial, undisciplined, super talkative, trusting,


These Are The Days said...

I can't see the words (yellow on yellow) for some reason, but that recipe looks yummy and I'll check back later to see if I can see your posts. FYI Have you read Water for Elephants? I just started it...on chapter two but I have the feeling I'm going to like it.

Lovin-Life-Piersons said...

Weird, I wonder if my blog background wasn't working, cause it comes in as yellow and then changes to my cutsie background, but I changed to the text to black... hope it works.
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