Sep 8, 2010

Fall Time Fun List

Activities that I want to do this fall:

Go on a picnic in the park.
Visit Wheeler Farm
Have a photo shoot of Jeremy and I at like a park or somewhere.
Host a game night
See duckies one last time on the trail by our house.
Walk around Day Break Lake
Go to the coppermine
Go to Barnes and Noble and sit in one of their comfy chairs and read
Make one last trip to the mountains
Swing on swings
Finish my last player on Fable
Have a Mario Party Night
Have Pride and Prejudice day
Host a party
See Harry Potter 7
Have Harry Potter night
Read Pride and Prejudice


These Are The Days said...

I like your thinking. I wish it felt fallish here. The sweaters are out (not that we need them in Phoenix) but other than that, there isn't any sign of fall. I'm jealous! Have fun w/ your list, I think I may do one too.

Lovin-Life-Piersons said...

Its not very fallish here actually, its still hot and green. But I like the fall, so i already hung up my autumn decoration. Haha, I only have one so far... But I love making lists, I make a lot of them.