Jan 14, 2011

Can you see the writing?

So someone left a comment on here that said they can't read some of the writing on my post cause my background is covering it. But when I view my blog it looks perfectly normal/readable to me... I have tried on a few different computers too and its all showing up ok.
So if you can't read some parts of my blog let me know and I will try to fix it.
Also if you can't see it, please tell me what internet browser your using ( internet explorer, firefox, safari, chrome.... ) And also if you can tell me if your using a Mac, Windows system, or a Linux System and then I can know a bit more about the problem.
I can't fix it cause I can't see the problem... And I want everyone to see my blog or what is the point of writing this thing?

1 comment:

Sam Pierson said...

Hey! I can see the lettering just fine. I'm on the downstairs desktop computer and using firefox, and its a pc.