Jan 11, 2011

Week of Recipes day 2, Salsa

Week of Recipes Day #2

Fresh and Fast Salsa

So I just made this recipe up the other day. I really like chips and salsa, it is soo good. But I usually do not eat like the canned store bought salsa, there is something about it that is just like soggy or something. I don't like it, and since I can't get into this chips and queso fad that everyone loves because of my hatred of all things cheesy, that leaves me to make my own salsa.
In the summer I made a ton of fresh salsa and it was awesome, but the other day I made it and the tomatos sucked! Like I said in my last post, tomatoes this time of year are just gross. I love me some tomatoes, I eat  the things plain, but not when they are out of season. So the other day I bought a can of Rotel.
I am sure most of you have used it before, its just diced canned tomatoes.
But I bought a few cans and came up with a non gross tomato recipe that tastes pretty fresh!
Except I bought this hot kind, cause I didn't want mild and I couldn't find medium, the hot kind burned my poor little taste buds, so I would suggest going with mild or that lime kind shown above.

1 can (13 oz) Rotel tomatoes
1/4 (approx) of an onion
1 jalepeno pepper (if you use the hot kind, this is way unnecessary!)
1/4 cup (approx) Fresh cilantro
1 Tbsp lime juice
1 tsp garlic
Dash of Salt

First chop up your onions and cilantro and jalepeno pepper, I use my food processor and it is done in an instant (love that baby!) Pour mostly drained can of rotel in bowl, stir in chopped onion, jalepenos and cilantro. Add lime juice, garlic and salt. Stir and enjoy with chips.

I use this same recipe for fresh tomatoes too, just substitute about two med. tomatoes.

So this recipe isn't set in stone, I always just add whatever I feel like, this is just what I added together today and used. Salsa is way fun to make, last year I canned a bunch of it too which is also yummy. Play around with it until you get it to the oniony spicy ness of your choice. I really like fresh salsa though cause like the onions and stuff are so fresh, even when using the canned tomatoes it still tastes pretty fresh if the rest of the ingredients are.

Today's recipe was a quick one, but sometimes those are the best! I do have some fun ones prepared, but they might be mixed in with other quick ones as well cause I do not make dinner every single night, usually every other night....

Also how do the bowls look? After last night I decided I had to get a couple bowls to make the stuff look more presentable. I got these at good old Dollar Tree. Gotta love that store! 

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The Jeffers said...

Looks tasty! One thing: on all of your posts there is a section where I can't read what you wrote, because your background is covering up the type... :( maybe if you vote just one post, you'll see what I'm talking about. Just wanted to let you know:)