Jan 10, 2011

What I love....

Today I was/am having a grumpy day. It is Monday, and I had to work, and my work has been way frusterating today! Then I got a migraine and I am trying to eat healthy so I had to eat a grapefruit for breakfast instead of sugary ceral and I couldn't eat any chocolate today. AND my house is a total mess and I literally have five loads of laundry to fold. Today was not my day. 
So sometimes it helps to think of things I love. I went around and took pictures of all the things that I love. I guess I could have got some of them online and they would have been better pics and you wouldn't see my messy home in the background, but that would have defeated the purpose of making me happy.

Things I love in picture list.
{In no particular order, just the order I found them}

{Migraine pain relievers}

{My scentsy}

{With this scent, Oatmeal cookie}
{This tv show}

{This movie}


{This game, its the only xbox game I play}
{clorox cleanup. And I think I will add my love for generic items, yay Walmart}

{Garlic, yes this is a container of minced garlic, I just got it and its halfway gone, I cook with it a ton}

{Mod Podge}
{My fav. perfume, Ralph Lauren}
{Where would we be without mascara?}

{Shaving cream, I don't know why but I love this scent on my hubby, it is hot!}
{Steam curlers set, its amazing, you put the curler on here, it gets it hot, and then curls your hair, without damaging it}

{Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I usually make these homemade, but Its always good to have a quick back up}

{My teddy, the hubby gave it to me for my birthday the first year we were dating, it talks!}

{This book}

{My Beauty and the Beast snow globe}
Yes I took this picture on my unmade bed, I was on my lunch break and in a hurry, it was the only place I could take the picture!

{chapstick, without the wrapper}

{my new ipod, its on michael buble right now}

{My Tv, where would I be without this?}

{My family sign that I made..., and also my real family, but they weren't here...}

{Jesus! I love this man, he always makes me feel better}

{My hubby, Jeremy, and no I did not take this picture today but he wasn't here for me to take a pic}

{Date nights, this was with the above pic and I had fun}

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Sam Pierson said...

I also love that teddy bear jeremy got you! I remember when he brought it home before he gave it to you. We knew you'd love it!