Jan 14, 2011

Week of Recipes, Day #5 (spotlights)

Week of Recipes, Day #5

Ok here are three recipes from this blog I love Oopsey Daisey
It was the first blog I found and she had a ton of great recipes.

Here is my absolute fave of her recipes.
Cafe Rio Burritos
If you life in, or around Utah, Cafe Rio is like the best place ever to eat, they have burritos to die for. And while its not like authentic, its like AMAZING! So if you can't go to Cafe Rio, try these cause my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I have tried many knock off recipes for these pork burritos, but this is the closest.
To get the recipe go to this page. I could have posted the recipe, but she has it all step-by-step and with yummy pictures so why do work that has already been done great?
Snickerdoodle Muffins

From the same blog, these are soo good. They are like snickerdoodles in cake form. I make these all the time and they are perfect! I start to crave them now.
{P.S. Don't eat these in bed at night, I did and they got all over, my husband was very displeased when he woke up with cinnamon and sugar crumbs all over the bed!  Or am I the only weirdo who eats food in the bed?}
Click HERE for the recipe

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