Jan 30, 2011

Old shoes turned new.

The other day, I decopauged some old shoes I had. I am so happy with the results. They are so cute!

Alll I did was get an old shirt that I never wore, I cut it up and glue gunned the fabric onto the old shoe I had.

This was the old shoe, it was just a cheap plastic flat that I had had for a while.
This shoe:
It was really easy, but I did get a few glue gun burns. Next time I might get some fabric glue, it might be easier.
I didn't do much with the insides, but no one ever sees those, so who cares what the insides look like right?
Then I made a couple pom poms (tutorial on how to make pom poms to come later) and glued those on as well. And all set to go!
I love them!!


April said...

Fabulous job! I am hosting a little linky party all about sharing your favorite shoes. I would love you to come link this up!

Aimee said...

Stopped by from Vintage Wanna Bee's Talent Tuesday. Those shoes are ADORABLE! Great job.

Fancy Lads said...

Those turned out AMAZING! Great job :)

The Loops said...

These are really cute. I love the color of the flower.

I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to come visit my blog!


Brittany said...

Those turned out great! I should probably do that to a few pairs of my own shoes ;)

PEACHES said...

Cute stuff! Love the layered textures. Too fun!

Judith @ Creating Balance said...

omg..seriously. that is the best idea ever. I've got several pair of shoes that could use a makeover! And I've been trying to think of a project to do since it's too dang cold to paint furniture. awesome!

Becky said...

These are adorable! Amazing job!