Jan 26, 2011

LOVE Banner.

So ever since I started this blog I see all these really cute banners around, and I am totally jealous, I want a cute banner. But I could never get like the letters cause I didn't have a cricut and I couldn't ever find any cheap ones... but since I was able to borrow my aunts cricut to make the 'Be Mine' boxes I cut out a few letters and I made myself a banner.

I like it, but I don't love it. It seems like there are some cuter ones out there. I had the letters and I used the cricuit to cut out the circles too, then I crinkled tissue paper on the back and glued it there, then I sewed the paper aound the letters. But I don't know, It still seems to be missing something. I am going to cut out letters for more banners so maybe I will get better with time. I do have some great ideas for a fourth of july one, but that is ages away!! But for my first banner I still like it. I made it a few weeks ago but kinda forgot to post it... But tell me what ya think and if you have any suggestions.
Oh I used tule and twine to hang it up.

I could put up more valentines day decor on my shelf, but I have like a wierd problem. I like all my year round decor and don't like to take it down... Plus Valentines isn't one of my fave holidays. we usually never do anything, its too busy to go out and have a fun date night, so we just do small gifts, so I don't want to make a ton of Valentines decor for just a small holiday...

What do you guys do for Valentines Day??!

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Linsey Jackson said...

I made "Love" wooden letters, they turned out cute!! :) I can't wait to do more for the upcoming holidays. I eventually wanna do our last name and hang them with ribbon... somewhere haha :)